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Why many companies choose to Buy IG Followers for their accounts

Buy IG Followers

Snapchat is an application that, since makes a couple of years, has State sticking strong between the public young. Their filters, the character ephemeral of their photos and videos, it fun that is… all they are factors that have made that Snapchat rise as the foam, and of course, that is copied. Have that live under a stone to not know that Instagram launched makes nothing Instagram Stories, its proposal to compete with Snapchat that, to title personal, has operated so rather than me has conquered.

I State testing both applications during a good time and, at the end, Instagram has won by win. In this article I am going to comment them four reasons that have made that uninstall Snapchat and I pass definitely to Instagram Stories. Go by front that this is an opinion personal, and I invite you to relate what think you and it argumentéis as I’m going to do I. Without more, began.

The application of Snapchat for Android works regular pulling for evil. In my LG G3 the application is slow, unstable, and makes that the phone is hot a lot. It is true that my phone is not the very best that there are today buy ig followers, but I could test the app in a S7 edge, my 5 and a G5 LG and works exactly just as bad. IOS it works really well.

For his part, Instagram moves smoothly and offers the same as Snapchat. It is true that you can not send photos that last for 10 seconds and is then erased, but is that not see sense to send photos that last for 10 seconds and disappear. If command a photo is so my contact the store and it has, not so not can return it to see. In addition I also send messages and videos and I have a profile that I can customize.

That is one of the main problems of Snapchat, unless use them networks social to speak with four friends, that not is my case. In Snapchat not have the capacity of getting followers, unless these are in my agenda of contacts or that know my user. To give to know my user have that make SPAM in other networks social-what will make that Miss followers in these networks- buy ig followers or give it of form manual to another person, but not can find me as itself can in Instagram.

Thanks to the hashtags of Instagram the people can find me and I get more “I like” and more followers. Also, the photo to which you have given “I like” appears in the section “see”-to which is enter through the magnifying glass-, and that makes that more people can find you. If you use the networks social to spread your work or to give you to know, Snapchat not works, because it people not can find you of form organic. The example clear is that in Snapchat the photos of the history is saw 100 times, and in Instagram Stories is see 500 or 600. He engage is rather more high.

Essential in my opinion. Why do I have to see me forced to take a picture at the moment? And if I want to upload something that happened this morning, yesterday, or last week? In Snapchat not I, but in Instagram Stories itself. In fact, I can upload any photo that has in the Gallery, you have taken it when taking it. Only I have that move it of folder or pass it from the computer, although Instagram say that has that have is taken in the last 24 hours.

Snapchat will not let me upload photos from the Gallery seems a delay. The application forces me to take it at the moment, with the phone’s camera, but won’t let me upload my story a nice photo that is removed with the SLR at any time. Why upload photos if I do so shabby with the phone’s camera? To upload photos ugly, best not to upload them.

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