Turkey and Internet Censorship

Turkey wants to make impossible to surf anonymous anonymously online

Turkey and Internet Censorship

Many Turks use VPN connections and anonymizing services such as Tor, to obtain information on the Internet. The Government is now apparently hard against such services.

Turkey has largely blocked the access to the Internet via the Tor network. It reported the project Turkey blocks observed censorship measures of the Turkish Government on the Internet. Also the use of services offered by Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are therefore only a limited possible.

For a VPN connection, a computer or mobile phone with special software builds an encrypted connection to a server abroad, which offers unlimited access to the Internet. The Tor network enables largely anonymised surfing on the Internet. This redirects the traffic across multiple servers who do not know the real goal. One output node, thus anonymized data packets return into the open NET.

Turkey blogs according to many Turkish Internet providers have implemented the locks of the entrances to popular VPN service providers, as well as public access points to the Tor network by the Government in the meantime. Thus, it becomes difficult to independently inform in the Internet for many users.

Gateway and VPN connections are used frequently by opponents and journalists, to bypass censorship efforts. Both services have become increasingly popular in the past in Turkey. So far the Turkish Government had restricted only temporarily access to the Internet to specific events, for example in police actions, attacks or revelations about politicians.

Turkey blocks writes that with the implementation of the instructions the Turkish Internet censorship is hard to characterize, so far she was called moderately. The project compares the measures with China’s great firewall, which allow a far-reaching control over the flow of information.

Although it is still possible to use the Tor network through so-called bridges. These are alternative, non-public access points the user in the network will come. Also VPN connections are still usable, if not made by the service providers blocked now by the providers. The restrictions would make it difficult but less technically savvy users to get independent information Turkey block writes.

With a virtual private network, VPN short, can be transferred protected data on the public Internet. The transport medium Internet is built a virtual, self-contained network between multiple communication partners.

A virtual private network (VPN) connects multiple participants of an IP network to a closed off network of part of. The connections between the participants are isolated from the public network by tunneling and encryption techniques and allow a protected transmission of data. Virtual private networks do have different network structures. The range of simple point-to point connections of two participants on point to-multi-point connections for meshed systems.

Virtual Private Networks are an alternative to dedicated networks, which is realized through its own physical line. They allow the use of the public Internet infrastructure for the establishment of a virtual network. For participants of the public Internet, the connections and the transmitted data are not available.

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